3-1-23 Kawara, Hikone-shi, Shiga-ken
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Welcome! Many thanks for visiting the homepage of "Tobaya Ryokan," also called the 'Hideaway in Hikone.'

The Tobaya is a Japanese-style Ryokan inn established in the 13th year of the Meiji Era (that's the year 1880 by the western calendar). The Tobaya Ryokan is located right on the Hana Shobu Dori street in the city of Hikone.

Our style and services are particularly cherished by construction, sales and other professionals on business trips or requiring extended stays. For such extended stays, we provide a home-style atmosphere, with home-style service, and home-style cuisine, giving a relaxed feeling of 'coming home' each evening. And we are proud to provide laundry service at no extra charge.

Other sightseeing guests enjoy our location on the historical Hana Shobu Dori street and close proximity to Hikone's famous spots. Men and women of all age groups visit, and nothing makes us happier than new people discovering the wonders of Hikone.

On behalf of my family, we look forward to welcoming you soon.
The ancient classical Japanese facade is faithfully preservedThe scent of incense gives atmosphere to the entrance hallThe beautiful central garden at night
A hanging by Lord Naosuke IiThe Great Room sleeps 10 people on its traditional tatami mats and serves as a party roomSpace that can be called truly Japanese
Typical breakfastTypical dinnerA celebration dinner
Note: The photographs show possible combinations. Ingredients vary from season to season,
and celebrations can be arranged based on desired price range.
  *10 or more days is the definition of an extended stay.
  *This price is for 1 room and 2 people or more.
  *We provide complimentary laundry service for all clothes including work uniforms.
From the Japan Rail Hikone Station to Tobaya Ryokan
1. Go straight towards Hikone Castle
2. Turn left at the Asahi Machi Nishi traffic signal and continue straight.
3. Turn left at the Ginza traffic signal.
4. We are 20m on the left.
  *It takes about 10 to 15 minutes by foot
  *It takes only 1 fare-unit by taxi.
Map from the Japan Rail Hikone Station to Tobaya Ryokan
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We cannot respond to inquiries by telephone.

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